Dark ride in Efteling?

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New ride for 2013

The fairy tale park in the Netherlands, Efteling, was not really acknowledging the rumour, but it was also not being denied. And where there is smoke... Rumour says that a new ride is to be expected in the area of Lavenlaar, behind the Anton Pieckplein. Not sure what this would mean for the other major project, Hartenhof.

2012-07-Eft-Laaf180Apparently for the new ride, Efteling would be using EFT Ride Systems for transporting up to 40 vehicles. It would be a trackless ride system, using new type of cars, quite revolutionary. Most likely it would be some vehicles with additional movement options. The new ride would use the Laaf theme for the story line.

The ride would fit the all-year-opening concept of Efteling, offering extra capacity, especially on wet or cold days. Despite the fact it is just a strong rumour, the ride would perfectly match inside this special park with a unique atmosphere. The expectation is to see an interactive dark ride. Although Efteling is one of the most visited European parks, it didn't offer yet any interactive ride. 

Rumours made us all curious, gossip can start. Let's wait and see what will come... If it comes at all...